Learning Effectiveness Measurement

The learning unit is the core of Infosys growth strategy, and is a sentient unit focusing on continuous enablement of its employees to service the ever-evolving business and digital landscape. We believe that an effective learning journey begins much before the actual learning starts and continues even after the employee is deployed to units contributing to the return on expectations (ROE) for the organization. In cognizance with sentience and learning the Live Infosys way, we use systems which track metrics which rely on telemetry to listen, collect, analyze data and help stakeholders (learners, delivery units, talent teams, learning unit members who create and deliver content) make decisions contributing to effective learning and growth. This is a continuous process and the inferences from the telemetry ensure that employees are constantly provided learning paths to be up-to-speed on their skills and technology. This Learning Effectiveness Measurement point of view is based on detailed studies of proven standard learning models to ensure that there is a research oriented foundation and adoption of proven practices.