Small Format, Big Impact: Nano Learning in Employee Training

The world is shrinking! That’s the good news but so is the attention span. An average individual is inundated with heaps of information every minute. Its therefore no surprise that they are forever at crossroads on what information to consume, what is useful, what will be available on demand and what needs immediate processing! Tough indeed. In this scenario, the need to stay relevant with constant upskilling and reskilling is only accelerating, with no respite.

How do we then make sure that learning is still effective and fits into people's schedule? We feel that the solution lies in creating just-in-time, byte sized learning modules - Nano Learning.

Creating a stackable concept of learning starting with Nano learning and moving on to micro and macro modules may just be the future of learning.

Read this PoV authored by Thirumala Arohi Mamunooru, Senior Vice President and Head – Education, Training and Assessments, Infosys, to know more.