Infosys developed an Azure-based solution for a multinational automobile manufacturer to create a new business service with data generated by connected cars.

Key Challenges

The automobile enterprise wanted to capitalize on vehicle telemetry data to create a new revenue model

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Data monetization

Infosys built a big data platform on Microsoft Azure to harness and manage data generated by connected cars. We augmented the Microsoft Azure environment with Apache Kafka for rapid transaction processing.

Our low latency solution facilitates near-real-time analytical processing of high volumes of data. The automobile manufacturer generates business insights to deliver a superior experience to car owners, dealers as well as service centers.

  • Generates real-time insights from ~ 60 million telemetry reports everyday
  • Improves road safety and vehicle performance through value-added services, including alerts and messages for predictive vehicle maintenance
  • Enables data monetization via insurance and financial services, and location-based services