The Jotun Group Modernizes Key Business Apps to Run on Azure

The Jotun Group is a global supplier of decorative paints and marine, protective, and powder coatings. As part of its strategy to migrate on-premises applications to the cloud, the company partnered with Infosys and Microsoft to modernize nine key business apps to run in a platform as a service environment on Microsoft Azure. Along with avoiding routine system administration tasks, Jotun were looking to convert monolithic apps into scalable and distributed ones to lower costs and deliver a faster time to market for new features and capabilities. Jotun leaned on the Azure Migration and Modernization capabilities of Infosys Cobalt, to modernize key business apps by moving them to the cloud.

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“ We had very high confidence in Infosys, our development partner for the last eight years, so we weren’t overly concerned about going big from the start.” - Bjorn Anton Wegger, Project Portfolio and Governance Manager at Jotun