Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail and Logistics

Omnichannel sales, mobile commerce, technology-savvy customers coupled with usual business pressures to improve growth and margins keep enterprises in the consumer packaged goods, retail and logistics (CRL) industry busy. The focus consequently shifts to personalization, on-demand and real-time supply chains, enhanced efficiencies, collaboration, and visibility of operations.

Infosys surveyed 181 executives from CRL firms with over US$ 1 billion in revenues across the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand to understand their experience of application cloud transformation. The survey respondents were senior executives involved in digital and cloud initiatives.

The survey was aimed at understanding the external and internal drivers that trigger the movement of CRL applications to the cloud. These firms expect the application cloud transformation to deliver on many fronts. Some interesting findings from this survey:

  • Key objectives for CRL firms for the cloud apps journey include increasing the reach of business (54 percent), building cloud as a foundation to enable digital transformation (53 percent), enhancing experiences to stakeholders (52 percent), standardizing and integrating technology landscape (52 percent), and improving mobility and collaboration across the organization (52 percent)
  • CRL enterprises are evenly spread out across initial to intermediate stages of moving enterprise applications to the cloud. Only 13% seem to have shifted all of their major applications to cloud
  • Primary challenges faced by CRL firms include tracking and monitoring systems on the cloud (53 percent), estimating time and costs accurately (53 percent), and deciding on tools and technologies to use (50 percent)
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