Infosys Positioned as a Leader in the ISG Provider Lens™ Salesforce Ecosystem Partners 2024 Report

Infosys has been recognized as a Leader in the 2024 ISG Provider Lens™ Salesforce Ecosystem Partners Report for the U.S. This report evaluates the capabilities of 48 providers across six quadrants: Multicloud Implementation and Integration Services for Large Enterprises; Implementation Services for Core Clouds - Midmarket; Implementation Services for Marketing Automation; Managed Application Services for Large Enterprises; Managed Application Services for Midmarket, and Implementation Services for Industry Clouds.

Among the only five service providers to achieve Leader status in four quadrants, Infosys' position reflects its core strengths in Salesforce implementation and support.

Below is an abstract for various quadrants from the Report:
  • Multicloud Implementation and Integration Services for Large Enterprises: Infosys leverages numerous tools designed to achieve peak implementation productivity. With a large solution repository, Infosys operates a sizable MuleSoft practice offering robust integration capabilities.
  • Implementation Services for Marketing Automation: Infosys offers several predefined industry-specific solutions for marketing automation. The portfolio prioritizes the data-related aspects of marketing automation.
  • Managed Application Services for Large Enterprises: Infosys' portfolio includes a variety of tools for efficient application management and offers bundling of Salesforce licenses and related services.
  • Implementation Services for Industry Clouds: Infosys has deployment experience across industry verticals and possesses additional expertise in numerous ISV offerings. The company has developed many reusable GenAI industry use cases.
Key Strengths Highlighted by the Report:
  • Powerful productivity tools for implementation; Well-developed integration capabilities; Comprehensive solution library; Compelling coverage of AI
  • Comprehensive methodology for implementing marketing automation; Strong focus on data management; Multiple predefined solutions.
  • Focus on operational stability; Mature and flexible pricing model; Powerful application management tools; Strong operational model.
  • Investments into GenAI-enabled solutions; Large network of ISVs supporting Salesforce-based solutions; Focus on CX; Strong industry-specific offerings.

Quotes from the Report:

Rainer Suletzki, Lead Analyst at ISG and the Lead Author of this report states:
  • “Infosys combines deep industry expertise with profound implementation capabilities for the Salesforce Industry Cloud products.”
  • “Infosys offers a rich portfolio of solutions for marketing automation with a strong focus on data management and cost optimization.”
  • “Infosys is a highly competent partner for the management of Salesforce-based applications, offering powerful solutions and tools for the system landscapes of large enterprise clients.”
  • “Infosys is a competent provider of Salesforce-related services with a comprehensive solution library and robust integration capabilities.”

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The 2024 ISG Provider Lens™ Salesforce Ecosystem Partners report for the U.S. analyzes the relevant software vendors/service providers in the U.S. Market, based on a multi-phased research and analysis process, and positions these providers based on the ISG Research methodology.

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