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Aykut Akbas, Associate at Infosys

As a child, I always had an affinity for computers. What originally started as a love of games has over the years grown into a great interest in the Internet and the many possibilities it brings.

Today, keywords like "Internet of Things", "AI" or "Industry 4.0" are the focus. That's why it was a welcome moment when I received an invitation from Infosys.

At first, I could not quite imagine how I could handle future challenges that the industry is facing since my expertise is actually in the field of economics. However, I was assured that I would receive intensive training. One of the main focuses of Infosys is namely to promote in-house talent. Among other things, it is important that talent is groomed and motivated to think creatively with the willing to learn, and everything else follows.

So in the first few months, I was taught in detail by trainers with 20 years of industry experience, what actually happens behind the screen when actions are performed by tech users. In addition, I was provided with key knowledge to deal with important programming languages such as "Python", "Java", "SQL", while delivering on diverse projects.

Not only was the training empowering, I was also lucky to work alongside wonderful colleagues. Our team harmonizes very well with each other and we quickly realized that our different backgrounds do not represent weakness but adds more strength. Different perspectives always provide creative and original solutions!

Our experience in the first few weeks was rounded off by the certainty of how important we are to the company. Time and again, leadership from all over the world visited us, gave us advice, or simply asked us how we were. We were encouraged to get in touch with them with our questions or ideas. A special highlight for all of us was the visit of one of the founding members in our third week into the job. For me, this underscores the emphasis on youth that Infosys provides.