Inside Stories

No shortage of opportunities

Xheni, Associate at Infosys

If I ought to describe myself, I would say I am passionate about languages (foreign and programming ones). On my journey to success, I have been looking for a company that accommodate my passions, contributes to my personal growth and helps me grow.

I recently graduated from the University of Mannheim where I acquired a Master of Science in Business Informatics which has greatly influenced my desire to foster my personal portfolio. I was on the lookout for a global company that values its people, gives them ample flexibility, maintains a healthy work environment and treats every employee as equals. I have finally found it in Infosys and it makes me realize the special emphasis it provides for maintaining high level of professional excellence. The friendliness and welcoming recruiting process has impressed me a great deal. Here, I have found an amazing team of hand-picked, authentic, open-minded individuals that brought something unique to the table. To top it all, if you want to learn something new every day and show what you are capable of, there is no shortage of opportunities at Infosys. I am proud of my choice and extremely grateful of being offered this amazing opportunity. I believe working with some of the most driven and smartest people in the industry teaches me a lot and brings the best out of me.

And if you are interested in fast paced innovation then do not hesitate to join the Infosys family.