Customer-centric Design and Innovation are now vital to ensure that we remain current and relevant in a constantly changing digital environment. At Infosys, we are committed to demonstrating to our clients a design-led mind-set to accelerate the pace of innovation and gain competitive advantage. Infosys investment in creating this state-of-the-art design & innovation studio will bring significant benefit to our clients. Powered by Brilliant Basics, it offers an exceptional opportunity to combine innovation, customer experience and emerging technologies to accelerate our clients’ digital capability beyond the pace of change.

Our new Design and Innovation Studio in the heart of Shoreditch will become the space for our teams and clients to create new products and services together at speed.


Our commitment to invest in a 20,000 sq. ft. space is a testament of the belief that London is a great place for talent at all levels to serve our clients by bringing customer-centricity in every aspect of their digital journey.

We will be hiring talent with capabilities in UX, visual design, creative and strategy, who will focus on the development of emerging technologies for use in a wide range of businesses, including those in financial services, retail and telecom.

The newly reimagined studio space will enable our teams to co-create with our clients at both speed and scale. The studios will help them in their digital journey cutting across experience, insights and innovation led by our offering in AI, AR/VR, IoT, 5G and other relevant technologies.

We are also partnering with King’s College London to broadens our engagement into academic training and research areas such as artificial intelligence, innovation and digital humanities.


Why design studio in Shoreditch, London?


Rich selection of renowned art and design schools that fosters a highly design-focused Talent


Innovation power houses with an ecosystem of large companies alongside a thriving community of startups with international workforce

Social Hub

Social and cultural hub of tech and creative companies


Motivated government that believes in creating a bright digital future.

Rajesh Agrawal, Deputy Mayor for Business, said: "The expansion of Infosys to this new site in Shoreditch is very exciting, and demonstrates that London remains a true leader in innovative digital design. It will create jobs, support the development of new talent and encourage collaborative working, and I am delighted another global company wants to make the capital its home."