I feel that Infosys creates the perfect conditions for innovation and creativity

Elena Albu, Process Consultant at Infosys Bucharest

Elena Albu

As a child, I was fascinated by the idea of cultural differences, I loved travelling and discovering the specifics of different cultures. As time went by, this "hobby" translated into the need of being part of a multinational environment, where I could interact with colleagues and customers from different countries. Having said that, my dream was to work for a company that would offer me all this and Infosys was the perfect choice, as it operated in a global market, being the 2nd largest company in India and working with big names like Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Adobe.

Before Infosys, I worked in a couple of other companies, on different areas: project management, business analysis, sales and finance operation, escalation management, being certified in Lean Six Sigma and ITIL. At Infosys, as an ITIL Process Consultant, I feel like all this preparation work, all these trainings and certifications on Lean Six Sigma and ITIL are put into practice, as I have the chance to assist with the design and implementation of different IT processes and tools that enable our customers to improve the way they operate and to increase the quality of their services. Therefore, working at Infosys represents for me a translation into practice of all the knowledge I have previously acquired, so a step forward in my personal and professional development.

In addition to this, I feel that Infosys creates the perfect conditions for innovation and creativity. It provides me with international work experience, opportunities, and networks that take my career to the next level. And this is something that I am really excited about!