I now see myself in a constant state of growth

Evelin Nagy, Analyst at Infosys Bucharest

From my point of view, diversity is the art of thinking independently together. You will never reach your true potential living life in comfort and routine. You've got to take some risks.

I felt like I was not making good use of my skills and passions and felt stuck about where to turn next, so I decided to take the opportunity that Infosys gave me.

Moving to a new city truly changed the trajectory of my career & life, giving me confidence in where my strengths lie and from where my joy is derived.

I never thought I'd be interested in the technical area. I was more into PR and Marketing all my high school. And hence, when I started studying at a technical university everybody was shocked with my decision, including myself. I joined a student organization where I did what I dreamed of… marketing. In the mean time I discovered the multiple opportunities that the technical field will give me in the future, and so I invested more time to learn and uncover what I really like. I traveled a lot and I met a lot of people from different environments. I took from them anything that I considered will help me grow and be better.

Here, at Infosys, I can say that I discovered what I want to do in future, and I will fight for that. I have all the necessary resources - I just have to take advantage of everything that's offered to me.

I now see myself in a constant state of growth. I have made meaningful connections here. I learned and I am still learning! I discovered what I am capable of and I truly felt that everything in life has a purpose.

When I was a kid I always wondered how my life will look like. In high school, I was wondering how people can be so comfortable with their life and are not fighting for what they want. I imagined an adult life with routine, but later I realized that some people don't invest in their true potential. Or maybe, the company they are working for is not giving them that opportunity. I found myself comfortable here. Infosys gave me that true motivation for achieving what I really want from me.

One of the questions that was given to me a few days ago is, What is the best part about my job at Infosys? First of all, I like the possibility of learning new things and taking on more responsibility. The second will be that here I found people who I can really call my friends. It's a friendly and fun atmosphere, and I that's why I enjoy going to work each morning.

All my life, I had believed that children must be treated equally, with respect. Do not make any difference if any of them suffer a disability or if they come from different cultures. That's what I found here as well. This is a place where everyone is treated equally. That's what I found to be the most important factor for people to excel in their own trajectory, to learn and to accomplish what they want.

I found that this company values me and gives me the right path to grow.