Infosys presented me with an opportunity to learn new things

Luliana Balan, Analyst at Infosys Bucharest

Infosys offers the possibility to develop your career while combining it with the possibility to work with different teams of varied backgrounds. The fact that there are multinational projects gives you the opportunity to know people from other countries and to build a team together.

I think that this intercultural experience gives us many advantages. Intercultural communication is very important nowadays. Working in such environment develops you as a person. Besides developing and practicing your knowledge, you can also learn and understand another culture.

As an Infosys employee, I had the chance to improve my technical knowledge through trainings and intercultural exchanges. And thus to achieve my goals. It is not only a beautiful environment for people who have already worked in this field, but also for beginners who are passionate and are willing to learn.

We help each other to improve our skills. I joined Infosys a year ago and it has been the best job experience so far. The project that I work on is a challenging one. We started from the basics of a brand new project and succeeded in building a wonderful team. I would recommend Infosys to anyone because of this environment and the opportunities it provides to develop and grow.

When I joined Infosys, I was a beginner in this field and I thought it could be a great thing for me. I previously had jobs with similar tasks but in different domains. Infosys presented me with an opportunity to learn new things. We had a great training. I like developing new skills, discovering new things and taking on new challenges. The IT domain is full of such possibilities and challenges. I took this chance and everything turned out to be better than I expected it to. It took me to the point where I wanted to be. I would like to keep learn with Infosys.