I am doing what I wanted as a kid... it doesn't really feel like work

Mircea Rosu, Consultant at Infosys Bucharest

Infosys: The best opportunity at the perfect moment

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to get the chance to join a multi-national and multi-cultural environment in order to explore and interact with all kinds of people. During high-school, I took part in several experience-exchange programs with foreign teenagers and improved my English and French language communication skills with online friends.

For college, I tried to go study abroad but because of some personal problems I had to let go of this opportunity of developing in a multinational culture. However, I didn't let this come in between me and my plans of developing myself. Therefore, I made the most of my time at college in Bucharest and learned tomorrow's leading technologies.

And right after graduation, this came in handy and helped me achieve my goal! I got a chance to work for Infosys. They offered me a position in their infrastructure unit. The opportunity was amazing! I had the opportunity to work for one of the largest companies in the world, in exactly the area that I liked the most i.e. virtualization and network. Now everyday, I get to work with cutting-edge technologies, and also learn from the best in the field.

Now that I am doing what I wanted as a kid, it doesn’t really feel like work… in fact, everyday I come to a place where I socialize, learn a lot about the technologies that I like, develop my technical and social skills and do my best in solving all the problems that we face as a team.