Infosys & BMC Software Partners as System Integrator

BMC Software

Infosys has been a strategic Global Outsourcers and System Integrator (GOSI) partner of BMC Software for over a decade. It is also a part of BMC’s Readiness Program and gets beta access to new BMC products.


Infosys provides consulting and implementation services around BMC products in the following areas:

  • Digital Service Management
  • Digital Business Automation
  • Digital Service Operations

About BMC:

BMC is a global leader in innovative software solutions that enable businesses to transform into digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive advantage, from mainframe to mobile to cloud and beyond.

Any modern business must do two things well, that is to serve its customers the best way possible, and introduce market-changing innovation. BMC helps you run your business as you reinvent it with open, scalable, modular multi-cloud management solutions that bridge the divide between legacy and new IT.

BMC has recently introduced Helix, a SaaS offering delivering cognitive service management that is fast, accurate, and cost-effective, across multi-cloud, multi-device, and multi-channel environments.

Write to infosys@infosys.com to know more about how the BMC-Infosys alliance can make your business more competitive.

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