Camunda is the leader in process orchestration software. With Camunda, you can orchestrate any process endpoint, people, systems, and devices along with a BPMN flowchart that brings business and IT together, to automate business processes end to end, reliably, and at scale. Hundreds of enterprises design, automate, and improve mission-critical business processes with Camunda to drive digital transformation.

About the Partnership

Infosys’ Camunda practice, part of Infosys Cobalt, helps customers accelerate their automation journey with the speed of Smart Low-Code and the power of the cloud. Infosys’ proprietary framework for open-source Digital Process Automation platforms helps shorten the time to market for a factory-based process migration approach with the help of ready-to-use components.

We have several resources working on various projects, across verticals. Infosys has built several accelerators for Camunda delivery standardization and excellence. Camunda has deployed an intensive training and certification program exclusively for Infosys. There have been multiple batches of Infoscions certified as a part of this ongoing monthly training program. Camunda has also honored Infosys with their Global GSI Partner of the Year 2022 award at their flagship event Camunda Connect 2022.

Together, we help our customers enable a cloud-first strategy, modernize legacy applications, increase business agility, and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Industry Solutions

  • Financial Services – Overcome outdated legacy solutions to achieve true digital transformation
  • Insurance – Harness agile, scalable, digital-first technology solutions that improve customer service
  • Telecommunications – Gain competitive advantage by improving business-IT cooperation
  • Public Sector – Discover new ways to manage and improve citizen services
  • Media and Entertainment – Drive growth and customer satisfaction with advanced process automation tools.
  • Technology – Deliver future-proof, scalable solutions to support hyper-automation and cloud initiatives

Key Use Cases


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