At Cloudera, we believe that data can make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow. We empower people to transform complex data into clear and actionable insights. Cloudera delivers an enterprise data cloud for any data, anywhere, from the Edge to AI. Powered by the relentless innovation of the open source community, Cloudera advances digital transformation for the world’s largest enterprises. Learn more at


Infosys and Cloudera share a strategic business partnership, which enables us to provide significant benefits to our customers. The global partnership is designed to help organizations across all industries solve age-old problems by exacting real-time insights from an ever-increasing amount of big data to drive value and competitive differentiation. Together, we help new and existing customers address the key pain points of cost, performance, and scalability across legacy applications. We bring scale, expertise, and technology to deliver application modernization and transformation programs at a global level.

Our offerings cover an entire range of services for Cloudera as follows:

Data Strategy Services:

  • Platform evaluation
  • Capacity planning
  • BoM
  • HADR
  • Security
  • Migration

Data Consulting Services:

  • Assessment and advisory
  • Roadmap and implementation plan
  • Product vendor and hardware vendor collaboration
  • Product benchmarking
  • Hybrid solutions
  • Cloud adoption
  • Licensing

Data Engineering Services:

  • Design and build platform
  • Setup tools and processes
  • Setup environment
  • Setup security and compliance
  • Performance
  • Workload isolation
  • Platform migration
  • Implement HADR
  • Implement ‘Platform as a Service’
  • DevOps
  • Automation

Managed Services:

  • Operationalize to production
  • Minor upgrades and major upgrade. Patching – hot fixes
  • On demand provisioning and support
  • L2, L3 support
  • Integrated monitoring and reporting
  • SLA management
  • Failover, DR, backup, archival management
  • ITIL based support
  • Performance tuning


Infosys has a range of solutions and accelerators for Cloudera implementations. Below are details of couple of such solutions.

Infosys Information Grid - Automated metadata driven template based ingestion pipeline framework for data platforms. Key tenets of the solution are as follows:

  • Template driven
  • In-built transformation
  • Self-service UI
  • Loosely coupled architecture
  • CI-CD integration

Data Ops workbench - Enabling proactive and automated monitoring using Infosys Operations Workbench. Key tenets of the solution are as follows:

  • Holistic view of cluster performance
  • 1-stop monitoring solution
  • Integration with ITSM
  • Customizable and extensible
  • Quicker RCA for issues
  • Cloud compatible
  • ML based capacity forecasting