GE Digital

GE Digital

GE is a global digital industrial company; transforming industries with software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive, and predictive. With products and services ranging from aircraft engines, power generation, and oil and gas production equipment to medical imaging, financing and industrial products; GE serves customers in approximately 180 countries and employs approximately 295,000 people worldwide.

GE Digital is a leading software company for the Industrial Internet; reimagining industry's infrastructure by connecting software, apps, and analytics to industrial businesses. Powered by Predix, GE Digital creates software to design, build, operate, and manage the entire asset lifecycle. This enables industrial businesses to operate faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

Infosys and GE Digital formed an alliance in 2016, and we are a GE Digital Global Strategic SI Partner. The alliance was formed around Predix, which is the GE digital industrial IoT platform. We, at Infosys, have established expertise in Predix and across the GE legacy and digital product portfolio such as asset performance management. Together, we have developed joint solutions across multiple industry verticals such as transportation and mining, with a strategic partnership around joint demand generation and go-to-market efforts.


A comprehensive solution for IoT edge-to-cloud connectivity with efficient device management, configuration, and streaming analytics capabilities.

Co-created Mining Solution - Smart Ore Movement for Vedanta Gamsberg Zinc Project

Leveraging GE Predix, “‘Smart Ore Movement’ centers on the need to ensure that all available information about the state of the mine, the quality of ore, the conditions of the processing plant and the value of the output product are not only made available to the mine management team in real-time, but that the information is presented in such a way that it allows for minute-by-minute decision-making.”

Port Information Portal

The Port of Los Angeles (LA) request for proposal (RFP) co-created a solution, Port Information Portal — a GE Transportation-Infosys joint engagement for the Port of LA. Therein, we built an industrial IoT-enabled, first-of-its-kind Port Information Portal to deliver fast, data-driven insights to enhance maritime supply chain performance and better serve ultra-large container vessels.

Industrial Internet Consortium co-created solution testbeds

  • Asset Efficiency – Many industries have assets that are critical to their business processes. Availability and efficiency of these assets directly impact service and business. Using predictive analytics, the Asset Efficiency Testbed aims to collect real-time asset information efficiently and accurately and run analytics to make the right decisions in terms of operations, maintenance, overhaul and asset replacement.
  • Industrial Digital Thread – The Industrial Digital Thread (IDT) testbed drives efficiency, speed, and flexibility through digitization and automation of manufacturing processes and procedures. Beginning at design, the seamless digital integration of design systems into manufacturing, leveraging the model-based enterprise, helps to enable virtual manufacturing before even one physical part is created. Sensor enabled automation, manufacturing processes, procedures, and machine data will enable optimization in operations and supply chain. Once the manufacturing process is complete, the digital ‘birth certificate’ (as built-signature) can then be compared to the as-designed engineering intention. This provides the opportunity for powerful big data analytics to enable service teams and field engineers to have better awareness, insights, and practical actions to improve the servicing and maintenance of critical assets.
  • Smart Airline Baggage Management – The Smart Airline Baggage Management testbed focus is to bring together fragmented applications and systems to drive solutions to make the airlines and airports more efficient during check-in and subsequent baggage handling across the aviation ecosystem for the benefit of passengers. The solution includes cloud-based airline applications and databases, cloud based analytics, and an M2M and IoT platform to connect, manage and secure realtime data and events from smart luggage. The testbed starts at remote check-in by the passenger and ends when the passenger retrieves their baggage at the destination and includes complete tracking and event reporting between those two points.
  • Smart Water Management – A substantial opportunity exists to reduce the amount of water lost. As water can be lost at multiple points over a wide geographical area, Internet of Things (IoT) technology is particularly well suited to address this problem. The Smart Water Management Testbed will implement a network of real-time sensors (leakage, moisture, and water -flow detection)… The focus of this testbed is reducing water losses through the implementation of IoT technologies across the water infrastructure. It could be a city, large campuses of private organizations or large infrastructure utilities like airports or shopping malls.