Most financial institutions are doing away with the traditional methods of loan origination that involve paper-based and manual processes, and are now focused on providing a digital end-to-end customer loan journey. nCino is one of the leading organizations that provides a solution to this and has created end-to-end experiences for commercial lending, consumer lending, deposit account opening, and more with the nCino platform. Infosys is a partner to nCino and uniquely positioned with its strong advisory and implementation experience to work with financial institutions and help transform their lending experience with nCino.

About the Partnership

Infosys has been building its nCino expertise since 2015, with a formal partnership established in 2019. Since then, Infosys has implemented nCino at multiple global banks in the commercial lending space.

Key Benefits

Rich & intuitive UI/UX for easy navigation and dashboard/ reporting.

Single platform 360-degree view of Customer that is shared across all business lines.

Map financial data faster and at lower cost, with support for real-time API integrations.

Infosys – Finastra Relationship Model

Key Offerings

Infosys with nCino has proven experience of implementing Credit Transformation journey for major Banks. We have thorough experience in nCino implementation, and our team has managed Lending transformations for the financial institutions globally. Across different stages of the nCino implementation.

Our Offerings Include

  • Requirement management
  • Defining System architecture and Solution design
  • Refinement of existing processes and mapping the processes as per the target implementation
  • Develop nCino configuration and customization
  • System Integration with upstream and downstream applications
  • Development of data strategy that include integration, migration, and data modeling
  • Application SMEs performing testing at various stages of implementation

About nCino

nCino Banking Operating System offers a multi-tenant SaaS platform that provides an end-to-end solution combining customer relationship management (CRM), loan origination, account opening, workflow, content management, and instant reporting in a single platform – eliminating information silos and integrating front, middle, and back-office operations. The product replaces disparate systems with a single, intelligent solution that streamlines everything from customer onboarding to account opening, from loan origination to approval. Some of the key benefits include –

  • Streamlining overall experience.
  • Maximize performance, productivity, and profitability.
  • Delivers real-time actions and insights.
  • Centralizes data repository for reporting and portfolio management.
  • Highly configurable and intelligent workflow solution.