Best in class Product Information Management and MDM Partner with Infosys with global clients, primary HQ in Denmark.


Stibo offers an integrated suite of Master Data Management tools including their Digital Business Hub which includes Product and Customer MDM, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Product Data Syndication (PDS) delivered through a single platform. Stibo has emerged as a leading MDM tool and one of the best PIM tools in Gartner, Forrester and IDC reports and has partnered with Infosys on multiple FCMG, Retail and Manufacturing clients.

Stibo Systems integrated STEP platform provides best-in-class digital solutions with built-in Data Quality, Profiling and Integration capabilities to meet the latest technological advancements in Product, Customer, Location and Supplier domains, among others. With its ready to use connectors to popular global systems such as GDSN, 1WS, DNB coupled with a flexible widget based UI, STEP has proven to be a game changer in the market. Stibo also offers cloud enabled solutions and has an ability to provide access to the application on-the-go from Sales, Marketing, Business Partners to Leaders and Decision Makers through its mobile applications and Smart Sheets.

The strategic partnership combines our data and analytics services offerings with Stibo’s best in class data management products. Infosys possesses an in depth understanding of Master Data Management (MDM). Across several implementations, Infosys has gathered best practices to assure our clients of a successful Stibo implementation. Infosys-Stibo service offerings include - Stibo MDM strategy, scoping and planning, Stibo design, Stibo configuration+testing+deployment and most importantly, change management of IT applications and organizational change management of both IT and end customers.

Infosys and Stibo have entered into agreements to work together on multiple implementations across geographies. Infosys has a good pool of MDM talent of which we have a core group that is specifically focused on Stibo expertise.

Joint Solutions

Infosys has developed a suite of best practices and tools specific to Stibo. They encompass the lifecycle of a Stibo implementation covering:

  • Stibo specific data modeling framework
  • Best practices in Stibo design gathered across implementations
  • 9 Stibo accelerators for building and configuring Stibo products
  • Pre-built Stibo test cases to accelerate validations
  • System integration framework tailored for Stibo