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Results at a Glance

$50M sales increase through Digital Tech modernization (75% sales from Loyalty members)
28M+ Loyalty members, 35% partner sales from Loyalty members
1M+ Assets migrated accessible to vendors, partners and creative teams
100K Assets upload capability for onboarding vendors within a week


A massive rural lifestyle retail leader aspired to double sales – taking a digital-first approach. They sought to positively impact their unified loyalty program for members, manage content effectively throughout the engagement cycle, and to enhance customer experience. Their challenge was to scope and execute a technology modernization program to drive this agenda.



We recommended an approach to modernize the tech stack with a headless CMS implementation. This would prove useful when unifying their loyalty program across physical stores and e-commerce platforms (web and mobile). We also instituted a single content platform on Adobe Digital Asset Management to handle creative assets across various repositories and file systems. It takes advantage of AI/ML using Adobe’s Sensei to auto tag and enrich assets. A user-friendly interface enables access to assets and its selective metadata.

In addition, we built an app to schedule pickups, check inventory, explore services and more. The app personalizes the shopping experience for users and integrates the loyalty program as well.

Case Studies

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