Our experience with digital technologies has shifted, and expectations are high. Simply having digital properties no longer serves as a brand, operational or financial differentiator. And with our digital quota dramatically increasing, fatigue is also on the rise. Today the primary concern is, how can brands and employers optimise engagement and experiences while avoiding tech burnout?

In late 2020, Infosys reached out to 1,000 Australians and 200 New Zealanders asking them about their interactions with and attitudes towards digital tech for work and leisure. The majority were optimistic about the new digital era, especially when it came to better flexibility and access to services. But follow-up research in Dec 2021 suggests that Australians and New Zealanders are experiencing something of a ‘digital come-down’ one year later in terms of how much time they want to spend online.

The Key Findings

  • Positivity towards using tech for work has halved after year two of the pandemic
  • People’s need to ‘digitally disconnect’ is increasing
  • People are still enjoying the connection and entertainment offered by tech for leisure
  • Digital accessibility is now front and centre
  • Making digital experiences more human through empathy and personalisation is vital
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