What is AfterNext series?

We all think about the present world we live in and wonder what the future will be like! We live in the now and the next, but how often do we think about what comes After Next? Often we don’t imagine what’s AfterNext.

AfterNext is an inspiration for envisioning the future with fresh and distinctive perspectives. To deep dive into the multitude of new options and pioneer ideas through democratising technology and breaking the visible and invisible barriers through collective intelligence. This series endeavours to inspire dialogue among leaders and organisations to drive change that will help build a more equitable and sustainable global community.

AfterNext series
Episode 1: The Future of Sustainability, What is AfterNext?

Episode 1: The Future of Sustainability, What is AfterNext?

Sustainability has become an intrinsic pillar of strategic focus area for most organisations across the globe. The question remains on how organisations should embed sustainability with a pragmatic approach into the core of every business decision they make and its potential long term impact. Join us as we explore the next wave in the sustainability space and what the future holds as we elucidate the effects of today's decisions shaping our tomorrow and the After Next.

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Sustainability At Scale

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