HFS Highlight: Infosys’ chance to seize the Sustainability First narrative

Infosys has marked sustainability services for rapid growth from a growing baseline within Engineering Services - to being a native competency for all Infosys employees.

As per the recent HFS report, Infosys has made itself carbon neutral as an enterprise through a mix of carbon reduction and science-based offsetting—which especially helps in conversations with clients looking for “360-degree” partnerships with their providers. Infosys itself partners with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and its network that pioneers circular economy principles. Infosys can prove to clients it understands the metrics of sustainability and global reporting criteria; it has also been recognized through awards and involvement in broader CSR work.

Infosys is promoting a “sustainability-first” culture within its organization and with its clients.

Infosys sustainability services are beginning to span a broad range of enterprise demands. For example, Infosys is providing advisory services around traceable and sustainable finance for all enterprises in all industries—alongside its sustainability work for BFS firms—as well as services spanning data, technology, and culture change management through advisory services, platforms and solutions, and service integration.

As well as turning its technology and services to sustainability services, Infosys is also improving the sustainability of those offerings—which in turn improves the sustainability of the enterprise customer. Through its cloud platform, Cobalt, Infosys is able to alternate the source of computing power based on “load balancing” to reduce the emissions footprints of cloud storage and operations. This mirrors the efforts of cloud hyperscaler and enterprise platform providers, along with other advisory firms and system integrators (SIs), as the data, measuring, monitoring, and reporting of sustainability become a more essential part of all enterprise functions.

Infosys presents a cyclical approach to the sustainability journey - covering data, technology, finance, and cultural transformations.

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