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Supply Chain and Operations Processes

A seamlessly functioning supply chain plays a crucial role in overcoming today’s business challenges. As markets have become increasingly volatile, in conjunction with strong requirements towards maintaining high service levels with shorter lead-times and time-to-market, cost pressures have also increased.

Changing market requirements and additionally a high level of consolidation can be seen in many industries which requires a thorough assessment of capabilities of supply chain operating model to deal with these changing requirements. It also requires an understanding of the extent to which supply chain and operations processes and the organization are flexible enough to adapt without experiencing massive increases on the cost side or risking the position in the market .

Our offerings in Supply Chain and Operations Processes cover critical topics for the whole value chain:

  • Supply Chain Target Operating Model:
    defining the operating model that fits the organization and processes providing enough agility to be sustainable through full process transformation in Strategic planning, Supply chain execution and Supply chain collaboration
  • Next Generation Supply Chain:
    For many enterprises today challenges are increasing:
    • Managing a more complex, global Supply Chain – maintaining visibility and control
    • Achieving greater responsiveness and agility – respond quickly to changing market conditions & new business opportunities seamlessly
    • Enabling growth and delivering value – beyond cost control, delivering business value and driving profitability
    • Service Improvement & Higher Delivery Expectations – enhanced quality of service to end users.
    • Risk Reduction – business continuity & security of supply

    Companies which are able to master these challenges effectively are more equipped to get ahead of competition and quickly adapt to new market realities by delivering new models of Supply Chain operation, achieving true flexibility and responsiveness, and more strategically targeted performance improvement

  • Supply Chain Innovation: New technologies have the potential to create an accelerated business value through a network approach. Mobility, Big Data and Common Platforms are the 3 big trends for the extended Supply Chain for the next 5 years but others will follow soon or will impact individual Supply Chain processes. Companies need to understand the implications on their supply chains and trigger value based innovation. Our combined innovation centre with value realization consulting support such innovative projects around supply chain .
  • Supply Chain Assessment & Optimization:
    Assessing supply chain performance, analysing new requirements and evaluating optimization potentials to help you to re-configure the supply chain to support requirements such as CPFR, VMI/SMI, SCEM, SCPM, characteristics-dependent forecasting and planning.
  • Supply Chain Planning, Collaborative Planning:
    Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is a set of decision-making processes to:
    • Balance demand and supply
    • Integrate financial planning and operational planning
    • Link high-level strategic plans with day-to-day operations.

    We support clients to setup a cross-functional decision process which reconciles conflicting business plans, links strategic planning and operational planning, and aligns company resources to deliver one enterprise plan that responds to demand and supply variability.

  • Funds flow efficient Supply Chain:
    defining and implementing tax efficient supply chain models, from operating model to operational supply chain execution flows
  • Procurement (Spend Analytics):
    helping clients to increase the transparency level on their spend of direct and indirect materials with the goal of maximizing the realization of savings by applying leading practice sourcing processes in successive initiatives. Our spend analytics methodology and framework provides an analysis of consolidated spending across multiple business dimensions, ‘Out of the box’ predefined reports covering most typical spend analysis scenarios, and ad hoc analysis support, Capability assessment along multiple dimensions and reporting capabilities to support Top-Management analysis in addition to category managers and procurement professionals.
  • Shop Floor Assessment & Optimization (MES Services): supporting our clients in designing and implementing a best-in-class MES solution seamlessly integrated into the ERP backbone, establishing an efficient shop-floor management for production orders and embedded logistics processes as well supporting tasks such as quality management and plant maintenance. With this, we provide a basis for measuring and optimizing the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and ongoing performance improvement programs, often linked to using establishing lean shop-floor principles.

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