The Infosys Aerospace and Defense practice offers software and hardware development services for avionics systems. We streamline design, installation, maintenance / repair, and upgrade of electrical, electronic and data systems, including flight safety systems, radio, radar, and communication panels. Our avionics services span requirements analysis, design, prototyping, calibration, software integration, independent verification and validation, systems integration, and obsolescence management.

Our aviation electronics experts have rich experience across computing platforms, protocols and embedded software for dynamic flight control, flight management, crew alerting, cockpit display, aircraft health monitoring, and proximity warning systems. Our avionics engineers undertake electrical load analysis, and optimize electrical routing, software and firmware for power, performance, memory, and size. In addition, we upgrade flight data recorders, and install fixed as well as portable Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELTs).

Infosys helps aircraft manufacturers migrate from federated avionics systems architecture tothe Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) architecture. A shared IMA platform boosts resource efficiency and enhances human-machine interface. We leverage open interface standards to accelerate cycle time and reduce development costs. Our digital ecosystem enables aircraft manufacturers to design lightweight airframes, improve navigation systems, and update mission-critical applications in real time.


Challenges & Solutions

Automated flight control, signal processing, communications, navigation, and guidance systems ensure safe operations in diverse flying conditions.

Independent validation and integration of electrical, communications, navigation, display, and telemetry systems maximize serviceability of aircraft and helicopters.

Open systems architecture and commercial off-the-shelf technology minimize the cost of integrating avionics, computing, networking, and display systems for commercial and defense aircraft.