The Infosys Aerospace and Defense practice implements cloud solutions to streamline data management across design, production, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), supply chain, and aftermarket services. Our cloud-based systems ensure smooth IT operations, which enables timely rollout of engineer-to-order projects. A secure enterprise cloud ecosystem, whether private, public or hybrid, facilitates big data analytics, Industrial Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence-based modeling.

Infosys integrates and migrates data centers, databases, ERP systems, web applications, and enterprise workloads, including analytics, reporting and compliance, to the cloud. Our knowledge-based migration tools extend the lifetime of legacy investments and mitigate risks, while ensuring business continuity. We leverage DevOps and machine learning to automate workflows. It boosts operational efficiency of on-premise and multi-tenant cloud deployments and enhances the reliability of applications.

Cloud-hosted systems to share work instructions on mobile devices accelerate calibration and tooling. Further, it ensures secure access to manufacturing engineering planning and process documents. Our rich experience in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services helps define a business transformation road map. Further, we implement robust cybersecurity solutions, disaster recovery plans, and governance frameworks. In addition, we build self-service portals to minimize effort and time required for provisioning and application deployment.


Challenges & Solutions

Cloud solutions provide a scalable infrastructure backbone for digital platforms and mobile applications, while managing diverse types and sources of data and file formats.

Teams with rich experience in cloud systems and standardized performance metrics ensure smooth application development, maintenance and support services.

Suite of 'as-a-service' deployment models offer seamless access to resources and maximize server / application availability.