The industrial biosciences division of a global specialty chemicals company wanted to deepen its R&D capabilities. Its team developed solutions using bio-engineered chemicals and biomaterials for food, detergents, textiles, bio-fuels, and personal care products.

The company sought to enhance collaboration across its distributed global R&D team. The goal: enable faster time-to-market from discovery to production.

Infosys developed a Web-based Intranet application leveraging the Bio Java framework to register and store R&D results, enabling easy access for the global R&D team via advanced search facilities.


The Solution

Knowledge sharing for R&D

Our solution enables the R&D team to collaborate from discovery to production. It accelerates discovery of new molecules and identification of gene of interest (GOI). The application also supports test formulations for large-scale production.

Advanced screening and re-engineering enzymes enable R&D team to develop new applications

Global R&D platform facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing

  • Co-creation of prototypes, design with R&D and IT stakeholders
  • Collaborative agile execution model and joint governance


Global R&D team benefits from superior knowledge management and sharing

Our solution digitized the discovery-to-production lifecycle with an R&D platform:

Gene of interest (GOI) database

Gene of interest (GOI) database

Enables chemists to collaborate on experiments where they evaluate and study genes

Advanced search

Advanced search

BLAST algorithm allows chemists to search, match, and sequence proteins from a vast database