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Navigate Your Next in Chemical Manufacturing

Your chemical manufacturing enterprise needs to become digital-first for economies of scale and rationalization of overheads. You should leverage computational design systems to decarbonize manufacturing processes and supply chain operations. In addition, you need to implement Agile to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Infosys establishes a robust digital backbone that empowers chemical manufacturers to navigate a complex business landscape. Our bouquet of analytical solutions accelerates the ‘safe chemicals’ agenda while enhancing performance with targeted structural and process interventions. Further, our automation solutions provide exception-based notifications for superior management of production systems and business functions.

Our offerings for the chemical manufacturing industry are based on three principles –

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered core: offers a scalable and reliable foundation by combining industrial automation, analytical engines and simulation models. AI and machine learning applications mine insights from real-time data.
  • Agile digital at scale: empowers enterprises to realize ‘green chemistry’ and closed loop supply chains. Cloud-hosted reporting systems help in establishing measurable goals and monitoring progress.
  • Always-on learning: sensitizes stakeholders to reusing, recycling and reprocessing useful materials. Interactive content enriches the experience for the workforce, trading partners and customers.

Infosys harmonizes processes for producing monomer components, polymer fibers, plastics, synthetic intermediates, and specialty chemicals. We adopt a digital approach to boost research, production, safety, and sales, and transform chemical manufacturers into socially responsible enterprises. We also create collaborative ecosystems to optimize supply and distribution networks, and address compliance requirements.

Transforming Chemical Firm’s Workplace with Infosys Cobalt’s Cost-effective Solutions