Case studies

An ERM Web application to automate moderation process

A leading assessment agency in admission tests based in the UK sought to automate the process of moderation by implementing an enterprise risk management (ERM) Web application.

Business needs

  • Handle increasing number of business transactions, and respond to growing consumer demands for enhanced features
  • Increase the efficiency of the moderation process, reduce lead time, minimize paper work, and ensure process standardization
  • Reduce costs incurred in postal charges for moderation, storage, and temporary staff

Our solution

Infosys developed an online system for moderation that incorporated an effective user interface (UI) design. The application was developed on .Net 3.5 and SQL server, enabling a seamless integration between two back-end processing host systems (EPS and Interchange). We adopted best practices in UI design through usability-based process efficiency standards and application flow.

The solution architecture is illustrated below: Moderation functional architecture (MTM)

Moderation Functional Architecture (MTM) Moderation Functional Architecture Solution Architecture from Infosys


The Infosys solution enabled the assessment agency to reduce manual intervention, accelerate the moderation process, and ensure cost savings. The new application was scalable and configurable leading to an improved user experience. Other benefits included:
  • Reduced paper work
  • Reduced turnaround time of the moderation process
  • Consistency and improvement in moderation
  • Multi-platform availability
  • Enhancement of customers' impression about the client
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