Smart Grid Data Privacy & Security

Utilities must adopt a robust security mechanism to safeguard data of intelligent monitoring devices. In an article published at, Infosys' expert proposes a cryptographic solution based on asymmetric keys for data privacy and security.

Our integrated framework with anonymous usage data packets enables utilities to -

  • Prevent misuse of data by consumers, hackers or the utility
  • Monitor patterns of energy consumption to predict demand
  • Analyze real-time data to help consumers minimize consumption and reduce costs
  • Map usage data to billing data in the event of a dispute

Published with permission of Energy Central


Sambit Bisoi, Technology Lead, Infosys
Sambit Bisoi

Technology Lead, Infosys

Sambit has more than six years of experience in the Utility domain. He has been actively involved in providing IT solutions for Transmission and Distribution divisions of large utility companies. He has published multiple papers on Smart Grid in reputed journals. Sambit can be contacted at