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UCAS and Infosys: Enabling zero-distance to education

UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) is a central portal and a single application service for students seeking university admission in the UK. Mary Curnock Cook, Chief Executive, UCAS, talks about the fantastic working relationship UCAS and Infosys have shared over the past few years. She explains how the UCAS customer base (students and universities) is able to experience smooth workflow without any outages, and acknowledged that this is where Infosys made a lasting difference.

Cook goes on to state that with Infosys on board, UCAS has seen a significant improvement in its customer satisfaction scores. "We have made such a leap forward that our customers get real stability from our services, predictability, and also the ability to scale our services on the days when we have peak traffic." UCAS and Infosys have partnered together to work on the theme of zero-distance to education and it has been a highly fruitful partnership.

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