When it comes to large-scale construction projects, success hinges on the ability to collaborate at scale. But with so many moving parts, interoperability and visibility are not just important—but necessities that can make or break a project.

The Infosys EPC solution serves as a single source of truth for architects, engineers, and contractors, enabling collaborative design and construction management with advanced visualization capabilities.

The Infosys EPC solution provides a digital blueprint for project execution success.

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  • Collaboration
    Boost collaboration through workflow notification and issue/project management capabilities to facilitate efficient teamwork and streamlined project completion.
  • Visibility Gain visibility by creating a digital model of your physical project that can be accessed and updated in real time by all stakeholders.
  • Traceability Enable operation efficiency using reporting and analytical capabilities allowing project managers to track KPIs and make data-driven decisions.

Challenges & Solutions

Easily track, monitor, and analyze project progress and KPIs across teams, departments and verticals

Aggregate data from custom built apps and Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) applications and read multiple data designs of various formats to conceptualize, analyze & visualize design models as your project evolves.

Digitize building management to ensure regulatory and environmental compliance, all the while optimizing quality and costs.