The Infosys Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) practice integrates Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) with 3D models to take architectural designs as well as concept plans from the drawing board to physical structures. Visualization of detailed designs and worksite terrain enables EPC contractors to navigate challenges and meet the requirements of complex projects, be it an oil and gas plant, an underground mine, or a bridge.

Our team enables superior design review by leveraging rich experience in interactive computer graphics, modeling, digital reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, and user experience testing. We develop cloud solutions for project data and digital asset management. Digital technologies address the limitations of accessibility and scalability, and accelerate feasibility studies, technological assessment, design review, and budgeting.

Virtual collaboration helps FEED and delivery teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues, and make changes to critical systems at run time, including mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Model-based processes allow architects, designers, construction professionals, and site engineers to explore innovative designs and propose alternatives to improve functionality, aesthetics or financial viability. Further, digitization connects disparate data streams, which facilitates reuse of knowledge artifacts / assets, and adoption of sustainable building practices.

Our experts combine Building Information Modeling (BIM) with virtual platforms for real-time integration of data across the project lifecycle. It drives effective asset design, project execution and operations by facilitating accurate analysis of elements of a project, such as cost of materials, human resources, schedules, and facilities. BIM-driven evaluation enables informed decision-making and approval. In addition, it allows project managers to compare real-time status with design parameters and specifications. Multi-dimensional analysis is useful to identify discrepancies and manage workflows to ensure compliance with labor, materials and cost estimates; project schedules; technical standards; and regulations.

Digital twins of assets, processes and systems enhance FEED services, and drive smarter construction and management of physical assets.

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PoV: Navigating the shifts in the EPC industry Digital technologies empower EPC enterprises to create an ecosystem to address the challenges of managing long-gestation, capital-intensive projects.

Challenges & Solutions

Digital technologies drive sustainable architecture, improve the efficiency of capital projects, and safeguard interests of constituents.

A digital view of the site and predictive algorithms identify and address bottlenecks to save time, costs and effort.

Immersive technologies optimize the layout, while real-time analytics guides resource allocation and scheduling.