The Electronic Health Records (EHR) project is a massive one and so a demonstrator was to be built for a particular county. This would function as a test bed for proving the concept and the operations would yield new ideas for actual fulltime implementation. Technically, the EHR would enable the General Practitioner (GP) to view a patient's full details and also help doctors giving emergency treatment to quickly determine the allergies and previous history of diseases but until a demonstrator was built and deployed, the actual evidence would not emerge. Infosys had to build a demonstrator to show what was actually possible and also suggest improvements.


Key Challenges

Complexities were overwhelming and the ownership of the patient was confusing


Patient care services were impacted by rising costs


An increasing proportion of the ageing population had long-term diseases


Data provided would come from disparate legacy systems

The Impact

To enable doctors to keep abreast of the latest developments, Infosys developed a Knowledge Management (KM) portal subsystem


Infosys used a Web Services model to ensure that EHR could utilize the information to deliver accurate results.


The Solution

Integrate disparate legacy systems

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Infosys relied on the Global Delivery Model to conclusively depict the benefits of EHR. As a first step, Infosys analyzed the existing high-level user requirement documents and assisted in preparing requirements for defining the solution of the EHR demonstrator.