Key Challenges

The client was facing challenges owing to a portfolio of incompatible legacy systems which hindered its ability to compete.

The Impact

Infosys partnered with the client to define and implement an SOA framework to accelerate legacy re-vitalization, which lead to a nine-month reduction in time-to-market.


There was 6% improvement in auto adjudication rate due to automation, which lead to a savings of US $12 million in the first year.


The Solution

Infosys Service Oriented Architecture(SOA)

Infosys partnered with the client for a revitalization program, focused on the following areas, to extract maximum benefit from existing investments


Business process automation- A detailed study of the existing processes identified redundancies, and opportunities for reducing the operations cycle, improving workflow and infrastructure. The processes were then streamlined for superior performance and customer satisfaction.

Following process optimization, an analysis of application portfolio was undertaken for harvesting business services from legacy applications.

Program management- the solution spread over 4 years and a strong program management framework was set up to ensure all commitments were met.

Technical Solution- Infosys established a dedicated technology team that worked with the architecture road map of the program, coordinated with the client and ensured architectural consistency across multiple projects in the program.

Delivering on the solution-Infosys delivered the projects on time and ensured successful implementation because of capable project management a strong focus on quality processes.