8 Steps to Success in ICD-10-CM/PCS Mapping


Best practices to establish precise mapping between old and new ICD code sets

The article provides essential guidance to healthcare organizations on adopting best practices to establish precise mapping between old and new ICD code sets. It also briefly discusses the concept of ICD-10 mapping and addresses some of the common concerns during the mapping exercise.

The implementation of ICD-10 provides a significant opportunity for healthcare organizations to upgrade the quality of their transactional data. It is a big, complex amendment in the area of clinical coding. Even if organizations decide to move natively in ICD-10 through strategic system upgrades, mapping between ICD-9 and ICD-10 is still a vital cog in their ICD-10 implementation cycle.

In this article, the author details some of the best practices that can help ensure proper applicability of the mapped codes across various business domains and long-term business requirements – in essence, paving the way to a successful ICD-10 implementation.


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Author Profile

Infosys Public Services - Consultant and ICD-10 Product Manager, Dr. Suman De

Dr. Suman De

Consultant and ICD-10 Product Manager, Infosys Public Services

Dr. Suman is a registered clinician with a bachelor’s degree in medicine and a master’s degree in business administration – healthcare.

At Infosys, he currently leads the iTransform™ product development team. Dr. Suman has extensive experience in the healthcare domain, and he specializes in the development and implementation of IT-enabled business solutions for health insurance and managed care organizations (MCOs).

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