Next steps to health insurance exchanges


As a result of healthcare reform and the expansion of the individual insurance market, private insurance exchanges are likely to proliferate. Health insurers looking to establish their own exchanges need to have clear strategies in place, which will help them across areas like innovative deployment, distinct consumer experience and efficient operations. By doing this, health insurers will succeed in setting themselves apart from both the private exchange marketplace and public exchanges.

In Health Management Technology magazine's latest article, our experts discuss key factors, strategic considerations and an effective approach to set up a differentiated health insurance exchange. They outline the importance of value-added features like communities, auctions, tax credits processing and innovative operating models, which will help health insurers adapt to the changing marketplace and drive growth, while achieving healthcare reform goals.

Published with permission of Healthcare Management Technology

Author profiles

Brian Patt

Brian Patt, Head of Exchanges and Global Alliance Director, Infosys Public Services

Brian Patt is the head of exchanges – public, private and co-op, and is responsible for the platform direction, marketing and sales across the suite of exchange services and products. Brian has been providing industry practice, sales and project leadership for over 25 years. He can be reached at

Triveni Harsh Mohta

Triveni Harsh Mohta, Senior Project Manager, Healthcare Solutions, Infosys Public Services

Triveni Harsh Mohta has more than 12 years of experience in insurance and healthcare. Triveni manages solutions and product development, as well as customer projects around various sub-domains in the healthcare provider and payer space. Certifications include HL7 (healthcare informatics interoperability) standards, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) and LOMA. She can be reached at

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