Enhancing Patient Care through Enterprise Performance Management in Healthcare IT Systems


Healthcare providers can quantify the value of IT investments across systems based on clinical, operational and financial metrics. A healthcare enterprise performance management (HEPM) framework provides an integrated view of metrics and their interrelationship, and standardizes business processes. Increased user adoption of IT systems maximizes the return on investment (ROI) of healthcare IT initiatives.

An article published in BeyeNETWORK.com provides insights on how healthcare providers can get better returns on IT spending:

  • Plan and prioritize projects based on strategic parameters and cost–benefit analysis
  • Set performance benchmarks to drive improvement
  • Establish a metrics governance framework to ensure accountability
  • Improve the metrics management process continuously
  • Adopt an approach centered on business intelligence (BI) to strategic initiatives such as ICD-10 migration
  • Design new systems such as electronic medical records (EMR) based on increased visibility provided by HEPM solutions

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Published with permission of BeyeNETWORK

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