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Hospital Capacity Management

Infosys’ Hospital Capacity Management solution empowers your hospital executives, administrators and clinical staff with real-time hospital capacity planning and asset tracking. Our solution is based on Infosys’ Hospital Performance Management Analysis Framework.

Our solution tracks the current capacity levels of your hospital, forecasts the levels over the next 4, 8, 12, 24, and 72 hours, and generates alerts regarding shortage of hospital resources well before they interrupt your Patient Straight-Through-Processes (STP). Such real-time performance monitoring along with a recommendation engine for excess capacity reduction enables your team to take informed decisions in optimizing hospital asset usage and minimizing costs.

Our solution covers critical areas including radiology, resources, laboratory and beds.


  • Planning and Tracking: Better resource planning, utilization and balance lead to improved productivity and efficiency
  • Visibility and Forecasts: Better tracking and metrics improve forecasts and predictions, prevents revenue leakage and improves the revenue cycle
  • Benefits across the value chain: Reduced costs, improved operations and enhanced visibility lead to better profit margins and higher return on investments


Radiology Utilization Management
Our Radiology Utilization Management solution enables your radiology staff to optimize your high-value radiology equipment. Our solution is equipped with a powerful Radiology Performance Management Analysis tool that continuously checks the usage patterns of your high-end equipment and recommends enhanced utilization.

Laboratory Management
Our Laboratory Management solution is equipped with a Laboratory Management Analytics tool that tracks and optimizes lab result accuracy. The tool eliminates lab order errors, report delivery errors and specimen collection errors. It saves time lost due to equipment failure or malfunction. In addition, the tool tracks the trends in reagent consumption.

Hospital Bed Tracking and Analytics
Our Hospital Bed Tracking and Analytics solution optimizes your hospital bed utilization rates by providing sophisticated tools that monitor each component of the bed utilization and turnaround process. It provides real-time performance monitoring and alerts across the entire bed turnaround flow, from bed admission and bed occupation to housekeeping and maintenance.

Patient Flow Management
Hospitals can monitor patients in real-time with patient flow management. Patient tracking can be used to analyze wait times and process inefficiencies on a real-time basis. It can also be used to provide real-time tracking of patients throughout the hospital for certain diseases that require 24/7 monitoring.

Our suite of offerings includes:

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