Infosys Cloud & Integration Services has empowered customers to enable the interoperability of systems and improve patient care. Along with great storage capacity, cloud providers ensure the security of sensitive data and adhere to industry regulations and policies.

  • Infosys Cloud & Integration Services revolve around creating cohesive, scalable, and efficient architectures that seamlessly connect diverse systems and applications within a cloud environment.
  • Infosys offerings prioritize interoperability, ensuring smooth data flow and communication across platforms while maintaining data integrity & security.
  • Planning and implementation of integration patterns and APIs, design solutions facilitate seamless interactions between cloud-based and on-premises systems, enabling organizations to leverage the full potential of their IT ecosystems.
  • Additionally, solutions emphasize on flexibility and modularity, allowing for easy adaptation to evolving business requirements and technological advancements.

Provides transformative ability to customers to revolutionize their IT landscapes, driving agility, scalability, and efficiency.

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  • These services offer seamless migration to cloud-based solutions, allowing customers to leverage the power of flexible, on-demand resources while reducing infrastructure costs and complexities.
  • Furthermore, IT Cloud and Integration Services facilitate the integration of disparate systems and applications, streamlining workflows, enhancing data visibility, and enabling real-time insights.
  • Moreover, these services enhance security, compliance, and disaster recovery capabilities, ensuring the resilience of critical business operations.

Challenges & Solutions

Implementing cloud and Integration offerings streamlines the entire workflow of access, updating and retrieving information leading to better healthcare management

Cloud computing's biggest contribution to healthcare is making data easily accessible.

Cost Saving on hardware, software, and maintenance costs by consolidating data and applications in the cloud