Infosys Products & Platforms Solutions encompasses a strategic approach aimed at creating intuitive, scalable, and consumer centric workflows and blocks, which enhance the overall user productivity, efficiency, and ease of use.

These solutions prioritize the seamless integration of features & functionalities, ensuring that users can navigate the platform effortlessly and efficiently accomplish their tasks.

Additionally, these solutions focus on scalability and flexibility, allowing the platform to accommodate future growth and adapt to evolving technological landscapes. Infosys product & platform solutions play a crucial role in maximizing user engagement, satisfaction, & ultimately, the success of the platform in delivering value to businesses and their stakeholders.

Infosys Products & Platforms provides capability to serve as robust, scalable solutions that address specific business needs while fostering innovation and growth.

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Infosys knowledge and expertise on the partnered Products and Platforms has helped client organizations scale up and improve and enhance on their existing Products and applications, it has enabled them to move from legacy custom solutions to next gen COTS products which are more scalable, reliable, and efficient along with better user experience. Infosys helps Healthcare organizations in adopting Products & Platforms through customizations and configurations.

Infosys has been leading in Product & Platform implementation across customers. Some of the key products that Infosys has been working on are Majesco, Dynamo, Edifecs, QNXT, Infosys Facets. Infosys Facet CoE has been a key differentiator providing key services in Payor Integration, Engineering & QA as well as Consulting & Business services.


Challenges & Solutions

Enhance and improve the current applications or platforms by migrating to better and next gen COTS products which provides end to end solutions as well are better equipped and flexible for any future enhancement and migration and are easy to maintain as well.

Existing applications and platforms are old and not maintainable, moving to products like Dynamo, Majesco etc. provides better system integration and implementation. Integration of products with client ecosystems enabled them to be future ready and helps with new customer acquisition as the time to market is less with better and enhanced products and platforms.

In addition to configuration and implementation of products and platforms, there is focus on usability aspects. Self-configuration is another advantage that most of the platforms provide which helps reduce IT dependency.