Embracing the data-driven approach to healthcare

The healthcare and life sciences industry is in the middle of an unprecedented data explosion. The technology proliferation globally and the overall shift towards consumer engagement have been generating a never-ending amount of data, both clinical and commercial in nature. As consumers take ownership of this data, there will be drastic shifts in management control for healthcare-based organizations.

In this episode of Perspectives, Mohit Joshi, President and Head of BFSI, Healthcare and Life Sciences at Infosys is hosted by Pramod Pratap, Director and Global Head Marketing - Healthcare and Life Sciences, Infosys, to discuss the data-driven paradigm shifts we are witnessing in the industry, broaching pertinent topics such as population health data, genome sequencing, personalized medicine and security concerns. Tune in to the podcast to learn more about the problems with current data management strategies and the opportunities presented by new approaches.