Digitalization of healthcare

A new era for patients and providers
The future of healthcare requires a holistic approach where patients are engaged and empowered to make better decisions. However, stakeholders, data, and processes are increasingly disjointed due to fragmented legacy technology systems, complex ecosystems, and industry consolidation.

To deliver a positive patient experience in today's healthcare environment, providers should adapt to and meet customer demands while remaining compliant, resilient, and competitive. Securing core systems, digitizing processes, and unifying disparate data can lead to better outcomes for both patients and providers.

Delivering harmony in healthcare

Connecting patient outcomes and business value with Infosys
At Infosys, we specialize in digital services and platforms that address key business processes and help healthcare organizations capture efficiencies across the care continuum. We help our clients digitally transform core systems and strategic processes to create a frictionless customer experience--driving connected member and patient experiences, unifying systems to reduce operational costs, and delivering speed-to-market.

Energize the core

Digitize & automate core systems

  • Driving operational cost savings through delivery of a next generation, platform-centric approach
  • Increasing value from legacy and core systems
  • Enhanced human CX design and member/patient experience uplift

Digital transformation

Data & analytics ecosystems

  • Actionable business insights from data management & real-time analysis
  • Cloud-based enterprise transformation with Infosys Cobalt, supporting value-based initiatives at scale

Emerging technologies

Cutting-edge AI & other technologies

  • Access to competitive, innovative solutions with Infosys Living Labs
  • Cutting-edge, AI-first enterprise processes enabled through Infosys Helix core administration platform, delivering productivity gains

Digital transformation for better healthcare

With an integrated approach and the right expertise, Infosys can help healthcare players make the most of digitization to thrive.

  • 10,000+ experts in a dedicated healthcare Centre of Excellence
  • Positively impacted 80M+ US health plan members
  • International presence with on-the-ground operations in US & EMEA regions
  • Recognized as a leader in the healthcare industry in 2022 by Avasant, HFS, ISG and Everest Group

Partner with us to deliver harmony in healthcare

Infosys is uniquely placed to deliver the complex, end-to-end digitization, integration, and ecosystem enabled programs that today’s healthcare players need to transform and thrive. Contact us to learn how we can help you connect streamlined healthcare journeys, patient outcomes and business value.