Infosys Webinar – "HEDIS: Reaching for the Stars"


It is time to focus on achieving a higher star rating on HEDIS. As many as a third of Medicare enrollees choose the Medicare Advantage driving payors to capture a sizable market share. Payors have to be nimble and demonstrate value differentiators to members and providers for a continued increase in member enrollment and retention. One of the ways to attract Medicare Advantage membership is to drive the HEDIS star rating. Increase in the star rating from 3.5 to 4 could mean additional benefits through rebates and bonuses that can quickly scale revenues. A four-plus star rating can attract enrollees to a plan as the rating would indicate the plan’s ability to perform well in the five focus areas of care and customer service that drive the HEDIS rating. A five-star rating would enable enrollment of members throughout the year allowing more members to switch. However, HEDIS metric collection and reporting continues to be a complex process despite the use of tools and technology. Understanding current processes and data challenges is crucial to enhance data collection accuracy and efficiency and achieve an improved HEDIS star rating. We can then enable providers with the right tools to share the data on time.

Infosys presents this webinar which provides an overview of various common processes and data challenges amongst payors and identify areas of opportunities to enable providers and payors to comply with accurate data collection using text mining and intelligent automation. This webinar can be accessed on below link –


Venky Ananth

Venky Ananth
Vice President(VP) and Global Head, Healthcare, Infosys Limited


Jayanthi Subramanian
Senior Principal, Business Consulting Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS), Infosys Limited

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