HfS Research features Avnet's cognitive assistant developed by Infosys

How the Ask Avnet Cognitive Assistant Became a Critical Part of the Customer Life Cycle: HfS Research report

'Ask Avnet,' a cognitive assistant platform developed by Infosys, is a compelling example of digital technology breaking down silos to improve the customer experience, according to the HFS Research ‘Defining Future Business Operations' report.

Avnet, a high-technology distributor, wanted to provide concierge-like customer service across its ecosystem of online brands covering six million products. Infosys developed a cognitive assistant that offers product information, recommends complementary or related products, and provides order status updates.

'Ask Avnet' helps customers find relevant parts, recommends alternatives, shares detailed product information and toolkits, and connects with a customer support representative via chat. The chatbot uses machine learning to mine past interactions with customers for troubleshooting and recommending product upgrade(s).

Business results

The HfS Research report highlights how the Infosys chatbot solution benefited Avnet:

  • Increased sales conversions
    'Ask Avnet' encourages customers to buy online rather than from offline channels. Significantly, by offering contextual information about products, projects, and related components, the chatbot registered threefold conversion compared to the Avnet website.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
    The chatbot provides a single view of complementary products and services, which showcases the breadth and depth of its portfolio. Moreover, the ease of navigation achieves a high customer satisfaction score.
  • Employee benefits
    'Ask Avnet' manages mundane requests from customers that were earlier attended to by customer support agents. Automation ensures that these executives focus on complex customer challenges.

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