Navigate your next in High Tech


Your high technology enterprise should connect the ecosystem of assets, partners, customers, and employees. You need to maximize B2B and B2C commerce to increase market share. Further, you require a robust service delivery network to accelerate new chip designs as well as sales cycles.

Infosys offers turnkey services for manufacturers and distributors of semiconductors, consumer electronics, and compute and storage equipment as well as software vendors, including game developers. Our 'digital factory' solutions maximize asset efficiency and enterprise productivity, while extending the life of legacy systems.

Our offerings for the high technology industry are based on three principles –

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered core: addresses product commoditization by creating an ecosystem to boost manufacturing – from engineering, product design and production to resource utilization, workforce safety and order fulfillment.
  • Agile digital at scale: enhances IT maturity via IoT protocols, Industry 4.0 platforms, agile architecture, and DevOps practices. A robust backbone helps grow revenue through software-driven capabilities and new business models.
  • Always-on learning: empowers the workforce with a ‘design thinking’ and ‘right first time’ approach.

Infosys establishes co-innovation centers to rationalize engineering effort as well as development cost of integrated circuits and electronic systems. Our plug-and-play cognitive technology solutions simplify operations while ensuring sustainability.

Transform fab and fabless environments with immersive technologies.

Rethink supply chain management with a 360-degree view of capabilities and constraints.

Adopt robotic automation for zero-touch operations and customer service.

Use digital platforms to amplify chip design, verification and testing.

Ensure compliance with regulations for occupational health, workplace safety and environment protection.