One of the largest distributors of electronic components, technology solutions and embedded technology

Key Challenges

The distributor required a common rules application to apply customer-specific pricing rules and better manage sales quotes. In the absence of digital tools, the sales team spent significant time and effort to understand how each product was coded in the system and determine its price as well as availability to generate quotations.

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The Solution

Infosys implemented a digital system for order management –

Quoting tool: automates quote generation and delivery, and processes up to 10,000 lines per quote. It helps sales and product teams handle small as well as large quotes in a single application. In addition, the tool enables reuse of quotes across sales orders, and supports offline processing of quotes for large sales orders.

Rules engine: manages pricing rules and analyzes ~ 6 million items across customer, supplier and enterprise part numbers to offer the best price to each customer.

Standardized infrastructure: uses Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) to seamlessly integrate the quoting tool with enterprise systems. It facilitates order fulfillment as well as financial reporting.

Analytical model: predicts order margins accurately, which helps the enterprise better negotiate terms such as supplier credit and customer discount.

In-memory computing: boosts performance of the application via real-time integration with SAP systems for pricing, product and order management.



Our automated quote delivery process enables the electronic components distribution company to manage more than 10 million customer quotes every year. The digital system helps sales teams to generate quotes for small orders with up to five line items in less than three seconds. Significantly, it increased productivity and improved quote-to-order conversion rate by 5%.