The Infosys High Tech practice helps manufacturers of semiconductors, microprocessors and system-on-chip products leverage synergies between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies for operational excellence. Decentralized control and seamless data sharing between the enterprise, contract manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, resellers, and warehouses rationalizes costs, while improving traceability and accountability across the supply chain.

Infosys offers blockchain incubation as a service for monetizing anonymized data, training AI-based data models, and maintaining the trail of AI and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. Our pre-built blockchain platform mitigates business risks and enables rapid prototyping for specific use cases. Further, our ready-to-use reference architectures integrate data sources, applications and analytical tools. An integrated blockchain network provides real-time visibility into maintenance and repair history of assets, status of shipments, and payment records. Significantly, it provides enhanced visibility into the supply chain and identifies counterfeit parts / components / materials.

Infosys Nia, our AI-powered automation platform, resolves business issues, ranging from prevention of fraudulent transactions to interpretation of user preferences. Our platform analyzes big data, identifies patterns in unstructured data, and makes decisions / recommends actions based on the context and / or business rules. It incorporates self-service analytical frameworks, visualization tools, and role / persona-based dashboards that empower high technology enterprises to optimize spend management, increase wafer chip yields, and boost performance.

Our team of AI researchers, programmers and data scientists use Infosys Nia to address the challenges in collating data, defining ML models, and training and deploying AI / ML pipelines. We combine big data engines and frameworks for data engineering to build ML data models for specific business requirements, including IT service management, marketing optimization, and risk management.


Challenges & Solutions

Asset-agnostic Infosys Blockchain platform offers ready-to-onboard, permissioned networks.

Infosys Blockchain Laboratory collaborates with cross-industry partners to develop capabilities and proof of concepts for AI applications.

Rich experience in developing and maintaining blockchain-based data management systems for analytics and deep learning.