IDC Perspective: How Infosys helped Broadcom pivot to software services

The disruption caused by Covid-19 demonstrates that one business model alone cannot future-proof high-tech manufacturers.

In ‘IDC Perspective: Broadcom's Digital Transformation Journey through M&A Excellence and Partners’, analyst Reid Paquin says, 'Transformation needs to occur to future-proof their business model. The key to success moving forward will be to become more market driven and customer focused.'

High-tech manufacturing highlights the 'commoditization that has occurred and the shift into software to drive differentiation'. A case in point: Broadcom, a global supplier of semiconductor and infrastructure software products.

Seamless integration

Broadcom diversified into new markets through software services via acquisitions. Infosys helped the company navigate integration challenges and enhance its SAP solutions. Broadcom partnered with Infosys for the seamless integration of CA Technologies in 2018 and Symantec in 2019.

About the CA Technologies acquisition, Mr Paquin adds, 'Finding a partner with strong SAP implementation and testing capabilities became a top priority, as Broadcom wanted to co-develop testing tools… This resulted in an agreement between Broadcom and Infosys to co-develop and market these testing solutions to the industry, but also selling these products directly into the Infosys customer base.'

For the Symantec acquisition of Symantec, Infosys streamlined the quote-to-cash process to better manage contracts and fulfill customer orders.

The report highlights that such a partnership helps companies achieve their business transformation goals. Mr Paquin concludes: 'While integrating new acquisitions can be a challenging endeavor for many, the type of approach Broadcom takes leads to the smoothest process, as highlighted by their record high cash flow even during Covid-19.'

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