Define and time-bound your ERP transformation: HFS on Thales business transformation

Thales Digital Identity and Security (Thales DIS) wanted to transform from a product-oriented to a service-driven company and deliver end-to-end security services.

In 2019, Thales acquired Gemalto, a global digital security company, that partnered with Infosys to migrate ERP systems from disparate systems to Oracle Global Single Instance (GSI) or E-Business Suite.

Infosys implemented a single Oracle ERP system for a global sales, supply chain and finance hub, which integrated supply chain and manufacturing operations.

Infosys enabled IT and finance simplification, automation, and shared service center implementation, allowing improved visibility for better financial negotiation with vendors.

Key highlights

  • Created an articulated model, with local manufacturing sites retaining local ERP systems, while others were migrated to the global system
  • Benefited in terms of costs, with savings running into millions of dollars via IT simplification, finance simplification through intercompany automation, and shared service center implementation
  • Enabled Thales DIS to produce, program, and deliver its cards in days, thanks to visibility under a single system
  • Reduced data quality analysis turnaround time by 80%, cut down intercompany transaction processing time by 60%, eliminated revenue recognition effort by 85%, and boosted quarterly closing time by 25%

Analyze this
“Gemalto looked at several traditional Oracle system integrators (Sis)—but what convinced them of Infosys’ capability was the early engagement of the people responsible for implementation on the ground, and their honesty in identifying up front the potential pain points and challenges based on experience from similar engagements. There was transparency from the start that it would be hard — but Infosys would set its sights on reaching the objective — under a gainshare ‘skin-in-the-game’ pricing model — and not focusing on the contract alone.”
– HFS report

Client speak
“Infosys helped with the tempo of the project and in reassuring management across each go-live stage with workaround solutions and an overall sense of urgency to make the transition. We knew our partnership would meet the project’s challenges. This was the first time many of us [in Gemalto/Thales DIS] had seen ERP deployed in an agile manner; at each step there was improvement which in turn gave confidence to the leadership — reassuring it of the next step.”
– Aurelien Kribs, CIO, Thales Digital Identity and Security

Infosys implements global ERP solution at Gemalto

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